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Companies and their brands who authentically tell their stories build relationships with prospects. With B2B buyers doing the majority of purchase research online before ever making personal contact, you need to build your reputation. Purposeful Storytelling places your story in front of your key audiences.

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People love to read about other people. We love to see ourselves reflected in a well-told story. Your organization probably has a plethora of stories to be told – employees, customers, patrons, the people you serve. Sharing their stories and what your organization or business means to them brings life to your brand. It makes it real and builds and emotional connection.

People underestimate the value of a good bio. You need to highlight your credentials, but also showcase your personality. Whether your’re trying to gain followers, earn speaking opportunities, or move on to your next career, a good bio can serve you well.

Creating your organization’s digital personality can be a tricky proposition. Does your social media match your brand’s values and personality? Is it resonating with your audience? Are you authentic? I can help you craft a strategy to create engagement with your target audience.

What do your regular communications look ilke? Are you providing the right information to the right audience segment? Are you wondering why you need to segment your audiences? Let’s take a look at your newsletter and make sure it is more than a calendar of events. This is is hard-won time in front of these audiences, make sure you’re delivering the right message.

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